Men's Designer Jeans

Fashion crime number one with a pair of jeans for men is super thin, "I was painted on the" styles. Even if you are completely chopped, it looks just plain wrong.

Men's fashions are moving towards a step closer, but you still need space to breathe and move!
You can have the greatest son pair on the market and if you do t-shirt or golf with a pocket on top, the entire look is ruined. Another big no-no is crocs or sandals especially when they are worn with socks. If you have some of these impulses, do yourself a favor and drop them in the donation box now before its too late.

If someone tells you that a pair of acid wash denim biggest seller, they lie! These became popular in the 80s, and that is exactly where they need to stay - right along the bad hair. What you seem old and just out of the loop. Bleached spot modes are not far away.
Several designers to create versions fantastic wide leg size and oversized.

If you choose these styles, please, please, please do not wear strappy string underwear. It looks like a pretty woman, but not a guy of any size or shape. Please let the ladies be creative. Wear jeans for men with a belt that makes a chic statement. Interesting crystals and leather models are my must haves' for any wardrobe.
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Beauty and Fashion

Fashion & Style, Fashion Tips About Fashion and Style

Why is Fashion important? This can be summed up by a statement once made by the Queen of England "Dress gives one the outward sign from which people can judge the inward state of mind. One they can see, the other they cannot." In other words, people will judge you by the way you dress whether in a social or a business situation.

It is strange but true that everybody has a fashion style! There are those whose style shows an inclination towards revealing skin and cleavage and wearing tight outfits. There are those who always carry a sports look and are always in jeans or sneakers. There are those who always dress to impress. There are the rebels who create their own rules for fashion. Lastly there are those who will wear clothing for years until they are completely worn out!
Fashion Tips

Note that it is important to dress appropriately based on the occasion and time of day. Your dress will vary depending on whether you are at work attending to business, attending a party, or a picnic. Day time outfits should be different to night time wear.

  • Choose the right colors for your apparel.
  • Wear clothes that fit well.
  • Don't wear too much makeup. Makeup is generally different for day time and night time events.
  • Pay attention to your hair style.
  • Wear shoes that complement your style Read More

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Hair Accessories

In the 80s, the hair accessory was invaluable. Almost every style involved some sort of accessory or embellishment to really set it off. Today, hair accessories not a part of everyday style and care should be taken as to when and how to use them so that you will not look dated. With that said, there are some occasions that scream for accessories Work, social occasions and formal events may all have you searching for the perfect accessory to set off your look. While different occasions will call for different hair accessories, a good rule of thumb to follow is to choose the sedate accessory over one that could not go unnoticed in a crowd of a few hundred or a few thousand. While choosing the right one can be tricky, there are a few pointers that you can follow to help you pick the perfect hair accessories to complete your look.

Here are just a few..
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Women's Fashion Tips

Delicate horizontal stripes smack of the nautical trend, whilst vertical pinstripes are the domain of the office. However, chunky, ferocious looking stripes are having a fashion moment, reminiscent of '80s punk and '60s beatnik" says Look magazine, in their 2nd June, 2008 article "Chunky, Punky Stripes." According to Karen Homer, in her book, Things a Woman Should Know about Style, traditionally, horizontal stripes have a classic, nautical feel and have their roots in summer beach resort wear. Pinstripes are professional and business-like, with a more masculine feel, in a Marlene Dietrich kind of way. However, this season for a more modern up-to-the-minute look, broader stripes are the order of the day. Both men and women can make a bold impact this season by saying goodbye to classic navy sailor stripes and say hello to Americana rock and roll-style stripes.

From tailored dress and jackets to waistcoats, T-shirts, tunic tops and tote bags these big and bold striped outfits are for those who want to be noticed.

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Photo Models

For a successful model photograph, head placement tells a story or creates an impression for the viewer even before the face gets into the picture. As the head turns, its very outline communicates mood and prepares the viewer for the message that expression will carry. A lift of the head may suggest hope or assurance a drop ... pensiveness or sadness a tilt ... concentration.

Extreme positions of lift, drop and tilt have an emotional quality usually associated with feminine or juvenile characters; conversely, conservative positions with but slight lift, drop or tilt give the impression of restraint, stability and strength.


Positions attained by combining the head movements, such as a lift-tilt are effective and add the style to a pose that distinguishes the work of the finished artist from that of the beginner.

functions mechanically and emotionally. The mechanical arrangement of the features creates the impression of character and attitude, while expression gives the viewer insight into the model's mental and emotional processes. In an attractive model photograph, iImpression catches the eye, expression holds it.

To a helpful degree, expression can be planned and facial elements placed for the compatible effect of impression plus expression!

effects a change in the shape of the face when it moves. A round, laughing face becomes oval-shaped when the mouth opens to form words such as Hey! or Ah!, and a thin face appears rounder when the mouth is closed to say Mmmmm or Wheel.

The right mouth position can also correct facial defects. For instance, when a smile exposes the upper gum, you will find that when the lips form the word Gee, the upper lip is restrained and the smile normalized.

in extreme positions, project impressions which can be combined with basic expressions for mixed emotions. Slightly parted eyelids add contemplation to any given emotion. Widely parted lids add a feeling of surprise if the white space appears above the pupil or an element of voluptuousness if it appears below.

direct a viewer's attention by their placement. Eyes are magnetic. Eyes gazing directly into the camera establish contact with the viewer of the finished picture, while pupils focused away from the camera direct attention to other areas.

Room Makeup

The influence of the eyes' directional message should never be underestimated. It is a well-known dramatic fact that in group scenes, figures of secondary importance must gaze at the main point of interest. No matter how large the group or how small the individual figure appears, the pupils of the eyes add or detract from the picture.

The eyelids normally part to disclose the pupils equally. Sometimes, due to an eye's sensitivity to light, or poor muscular control of the lid, one eyelid droops more than the other. This inequality can be corrected if the other eye is closed for a moment or two and then opened slowly. As the strong eye re-accustoms itself to light, both pupils are revealed equal momentarily and can be photographed.

Except for comic effects, the pupils of the eyes should not disappear from view of the camera but should visibly aid expression and direct attention. If eyes leave the camera axis 90 degrees or more, (as happens easily in ¾ head and profile views) only the whites remain to startle the viewer.
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Yoga poses have an inherent ability to balance the endocrine system, metabolism, and neurotransmitters. Poses that activate the 7 chakra energy centers will have a strong effect on all three of these issues, especially the 2nd, 5th and 6th chakras. Belly down back bending poses will stimulate the reproductive organs to balance the levels of progesterone and estrogen. Shoulderstand, camel, plough, and bridge poses all help stimulate the thyroid gland in the center of the neck to balance metabolism and effect the entire endocrine system. Child, seated head to knee, side seated angle pose and meditation (especially our 3rd eye meditations) will activate and balance the brain centers that regulate the levels of neurotransmitters and most hormones in the body.

Meditation is renowned for its ability to calm the mind and reduce stress. It also can reduce heart-harmful emotions, such as anxiety, hostility and hopelessness. And studies have shown that a daily meditation practice can reduce the amount of fatty deposits in the arteries, as well as lower blood pressure.

Practicing yoga naturally leads one to choose a healthier lifestyle, which most often eliminates or minimizes heart disease’s dietary risk factors of refined sugar, alcohol, high cholesterol and fat rich foods, and caffeine.

While all of these yogic practices have been shown to help prevent and control heart disease, when they are practiced together they create powerful healing synergy on the heart. Dr. Dean Ornish’s famous study has shown that heart disease can not only be controlled, but can actually be reversed through diet, meditation, group support, and yoga.

Bad Of Fashion

The Indian clan of Fashion designers gives more footage to style and attitude rather than looks which is a very appropriate thing to do. But it is not so easy to get into these A-league designers’ wish list as the movie showed to us. A very minute scrutiny of Indian models pics and interviews later one is selected to do a show and after much progress one gets the much coveted spot of showstopper which is a high point for any model.
Fashion model is used mostly to advertise cosmetics, apparel and accessories. Fashion model are differentiated as a commercial model and high fashion model.

High fashion modeling is an expertise form for fashion. The photographer pictures the models in creative themes that relate to promoting dress and dress accessories. Here the model uses their face and physical attribute to show different emotions needed. High fashion is characterized for work on collections, magazine editorials and campaigns for high fashion design. High fashion model have powerful and enigmatic features.

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Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is one of the keys to significant and lasting weight loss. If you are knew to exercise, you should start out slow with a low impact cardio machine such as the stationary bike or the rowing machine.

If you're new to exercise or you are starting aerobic activities when you're older in age, walking is a great way to burn calories and begin the process to condition your heart to pump better.

Indoors or outdoors, jogging is an excellent exercise that provides individuals with a higher impact workout to burn more calories and make a difference in weight.

Jumping Rope
Compared to running and jogging, jumping rope actually provides a better exercise because impact is absorbed in both feet at the same time and 10 minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent of a one mile run.

Swimming is an exercise that individuals of all ages can take part in. If you are overweight, the water provides buoyancy to cushion your joints from impact, while helping you to increase your heart rate, burn calories and lose fat.

Outdoor/ Stationary Cycling
Burning fat and reducing the risk of heart disease, as well as lowering blood pressure are some wonderful benefits to cycling. Many people watch television or listen to music while cycling and find it quite relaxing.

Treadmill/ Elliptical Machines
This method of aerobic exercise combines jogging and walking while allowing you to lower or increase your resistance. These can be high intensity or low intensity to aid weight loss.

Step Aerobics
By incorporating dance steps and arm movements in your routine, with or without weights, step aerobics can be the workout you've been looking for. It's fun, helps you burn calories and is a great way to stay fit.

High Weight Reps
If you're interested in weight training, you will probably be surprised to know that you can actually increase the aerobic impact by using low weights and increasing your reps to get your heart pumping and calories burning.

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing is an excellent high impact work out designed to help you lose weight, burn calories and learn and introduce you to a type of martial arts.
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Extreme Aerobics and Tips

What I found was a program that had neither of the above mentioned minuses, and I found it online. For my greatest surprise that training program was so designed that it developed a kind of full body workout.
The training routines were so combined that they were creating strength and flexibility along with making you feel healthier. There was also a feed back from a personal trainer included, that helped me for feeling better than ever before. From the very beginning of that online aerobic exercise program I was also eating and sleeping better, and all that mixed together really enhanced my wellbeing.

Aerobics can be fun while you can lose some serious weight. Especially girls and woman attend aerobics classes to lose those extra fats in their body. They are very simple to perform and you don't have to starve yourself for losing weight.

These exercises are the best way for fast weight loss. They are very effective in terms of burning calories. It can breakdown your muscle protein and utilize the energy for burning calories. The process is called protein turnover. They also enhance blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles.

Let's find out some extreme Aerobics Exercise to make you lose weight quickly.

Aerobic dance
The best form of aerobics is dances. They can be performed indoors. Dancing will create lots of metabolism in your body hence you can burn your fats easily. Dancing regularly for one hour thrice a week will keep you fit and make you lose weight. Combining healthy diet and aerobics can work wonders.

They are also a part of aerobic exercise. You can even play basketball, volleyball or tennis. They also help you in weight loss. Even jumping, skipping and similar exercise can be another option.

Cycling can be also beneficial for shedding those extra pounds. It also comes under aerobics. Other options like running, swimming and kickboxing are extremely helpful.

Ski Machines
They provide you a great workout but can be too strenuous and less enjoyable. They are usually much helpful to people with low fitness levels.

It is one of the most available and simplest forms of aerobics. A good pair of shoes is extremely important for receiving the best results. You can easily increase the intensity according to your fitness level.

Top 10 Aerobics
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Fitness Centre and Tips

Fitness centers have gadgets and tools that will make your muscle exercise much more effective. However, if you want to resort to practical muscle exercises you stand in a bus instead of sitting, standing while watching television, and standing while doing anything you can do. Muscle and vaginal muscle exercising is important to women who have been pregnant and who are experiencing their menopausal since at this point of time, your vaginal muscles tend to become weak.

As you perform muscle exercises for your vaginal muscles you are also making your whole body fit. And by doing such exercise regularly it will be no surprise that you will see great changes in your body and in your feeling.

Once you make muscle and vaginal muscle exercises a part of your routine you will prevent getting urinary diseases. You will also have painless and pleasurable orgasm not to mention it will also make your orgasm much stronger and of course much better. And if you are pregnant and already undergoing vaginal exercises, childbirth would be easier and faster.

Fitness centers will guide all throughout your fitness and muscle exercising and so you have to be ready exerting your effort, your time, and yourself if you want to obtain the desired results afterwards.


There are many types of fitness equipment. To pick the right one is to first know what your target is. Some equipment exists that is targetted specifically for cardio workouts, just as there are for thighs, hips, and stomach.

If muscle is what you want to build, then weight lifting fitness exercise equipments are for you. However, do not be blinded by the tacky, cliché lines you hear in the late night commercials on fitness equipment that works like a miracle with super instant results. When it comes to fitness and health, you can never rush the result. It takes time, hard work, and determination to achieve great results.

If you favor working out alone in your privacy, purchase your own fitness equipment. You then can work out at home and do not have to worry about paying the fitness centre fees or leaving your kids behind. You can now work out at your privacy and do not need to be embarrassed if others see you.

I would strongly advice you to research on the fitness equipment you wish to purchase. Read reviews through fitness magazines, online forums or even ask around. You wouldn't want to end up with something that will just make you regret after spending a good deal of money, now would you? Make sure to test the equipment before and after purchasing, especially when it was just sent to your house. Check if there's money back guarantee incase there are defects to your equipment. It is human for us to get bored on something after sometime, so purchase equipment that's multifunction so you can do various exercises on it.

It is always easier to exercise with guardians. Videos and DVD's are a hit these days. You can do fun cardio workouts to yoga and Pilates by just following the steps from the videos and DVD's. If you want better results, purchase equipments such as exercise ball, jump rope, and small hand weights to ease your process in achieving your target. Weights are the best friend for men. These weights are loyal to men to get fit, lose those bulging waistline, get stronger and muscle up their bodies. It is advisable to purchase a weight that is adjustable. You can add more weights to it as you get stronger. Don't forget the weight bench. It plays a strong role to help you with bench pressing and lifting.
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Best hairdresser2010

Rodolfo Valentin's hair coloring award winner, named by the press as the "King of Hair coloring", deliver the finest quality color services in the Beauty world. Supervising each and every appointment, at his chic salons, Rodolfo Valentin, who is known nationally and internationally as a trendsetter in the fashion and beauty industry. Considered an expert by top fashion and beauty editors worldwide, he is regularly referred to as " the source for color corrections".
Best hairstylist of the year
Rodolfo Valentin can also take you to great lengths of hair as celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks,Christina Aguilera,Faith Hill, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Britney Spears with his "Hair Infusion", his exclusive trademarked hair extensions technique. Rodolfo Valentin can also texture hair extensions as Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Beyonce hair nature. This unique hair extensions are also the perfect tool for short hair extensions given its flat, thin, undetectable attachment. They are the most safe hair extensions system that will not burn your own hair as other systems do, using cold protein that preserves the health of your own hair. The job is done in only 45 minutes.

Rodolfo Valentin is also the designer of the first medical "cranial hair prosthesis", which was made for his mother "Sofia", a cancer victim suffering hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments.
In her memory Rodolfo Valentin is the founder of "Sofia's hair 4 Health", donating free hair prostheses for cancer sufferers that cannot afford the cost.

As a breeze, Rodolfo Valentin can instantly custom made a hair piece to grant you with a celebrity hairstyle and new look. Just in the form of ponytail, a top hairpiece in all sizes, hairpins, or half moons, Rodolfo Valentin hairpieces menu is endless, this virtually undetectable hair additions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.
His hairpieces ar a simple and easy way to more beautiful exciting hairstyle.

His brand new Salon and Spa, located in the heart of Madison Avenue in New York, between the windows of Hermes, Cavalli and Chanel, represents his quality and dedication to the Beauty and womens health business.
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Beauty and The Beast

The problem is that most of the ab exercises that are recommended all over the internet, and in magazines, etc, are not necessarily the best method to get that six-pack abs appearance. First and foremost, the most important aspect for great looking six pack abs is losing the extra stomach fat that is covering up the abs. To be honest, most people already have decent abs underneath, yet the six-pack is simply covered up by all of that extra flabby belly fat.

Instead of focusing so much on ab exercises to make your belly flatter and more like a six-pack, you will lose much more abdominal fat by focusing the majority of your workout time with special combinations of high intensity full-body, multi-joint exercises. The best exercises for losing that sloppy ab fat are the exercises that work the largest portions of the body at once.

Exercises that work the much larger muscle groups of the legs, upper and lower back, and chest give you the biggest metabolic bang for your buck in terms of ab fat loss. Combining these types of big multi-joint exercises in high intensity super-set, tri-set, or circuit fashion gives you the biggest fat-burning and metabolism boosting response from your workouts.
And that is one of the best kept secrets for flat sexy abs that are actually visible as a six-pack!

Now when it comes to ab-specific exercises, another mistake most people make is mindlessly pumping away with hundreds of crunches and other meaningless abdominal exercises that barely give your abs much resistance to work against. If you want to actually develop your abs to the best extent possible, don't waste your time with exercises that you can do more than 20 or 25 reps... that means you are definitely not doing an exercise that provides enough resistance to the abs. Exercises that give you enough resistance to get you down into the 6-15 rep range per set works great for the abs.

Generally, higher resistance ab exercises that provide a much larger stimulus to the abdominals come in the form of exercises that involve raising/curling the legs and pelvis either upward or inward closer to the trunk. A couple great examples of these higher resistance ab exercises are hanging leg raises or knee raises using a "pelvic curl up", or an exercise like lying hip thrusts. Many times, the same people that can do 80 or 100 crunches, can't even complete more than 2 or 3 properly executed hanging leg raises, because they simply have never worked the abs under heavier resistance.

If you really want tighter flatter abs that look like a six-pack, remember that losing that extra stomach fat is actually the MOST important part. Also, when it comes to ab-specific exercises, always remember higher resistance exercises that involve curling/raising the legs and pelvis upward or inward are what develops the abs to the best extent possible.
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